Green & Greenery Styled Together in a Cute Apartment

We love the color green.  It might be our favorite color. We use the word might.  Is it strange that we are not definitive on our favorite color?  I know we love the use of green in home decor or room design.  We know that if we had to pick between green and blue…We think our dear green would win.  But not sure.  Does that make us color fickle?  Our CEO AM went through a pink period (her entire NYC apartment was white and pink and she has a husband) and now she is in her blue period (like Picasso but not like Picasso).  Our CTO seems to lean towards autumnal tones in her home decor.  Our manager loved yellow so she had an entirely yellow kitchen.  We LOVE green.  Why are we not able to commit to it in home decor…go all in?  Well, this adorable fresh green apartment made us start to think about making some bold green moves in home decor.  We have the whole Art-Factory Design House to decorate…should we just do it in shades of green (kidding but not kidding but kidding)?
Love this view. Greenery in the form of a house plant and the green tree top view from outside the window is perfection.

The indoor plants: Philodendron (low plant on the floor to the left) and the Ficus tree (dead center) are great plants for indoors.

What does green mean to us?  Green is most commonly associated with nature, springtime, and hope. For us, green feels fresh and happy.  In my current house, I wake up every morning looking out on a hillside expertly planted with a variety of magnificent green plants – we wake up to a wall of green every morning and love it.  It makes us so cheerful and happy.  Can’t be a bad thing to add a little green where you live

There are three ways to bring the green inside:

  1. Paint – Paint walls, cabinets, or any hard surface green.
  2. Furnishings, accessories or decor items – An upholstered sofa, a green throw blanket or pillow, a
  3. Plants – Adding indoor plants into the mix will instantly add green and life to a room




We have the whole Art-Factory design house to decorate…should I just do it in shades of green (kidding but not kidding but kidding)?

Happy Tuesday!

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